Exploring Your Options for Senior Home Care

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If you are considering senior home care, there are a variety of options. The goal is to age in a place where you are comfortable and your basic needs are met. The right environment will also allow you to continue living with minimal assistance in daily tasks for as long as possible. Many older people treasure this independence. Here are some possible senior care options.

Buy a Senior-Accessible Property

If your current home is larger, consider downsizing to a smaller space that requires less upkeep. In a smaller home, you will have fewer household chores and won’t have to spend as much money on upkeep, like lawn care. Reuters recommends opting for a one-story property if possible; removing the hassle of stairs allows people with walkers or wheelchairs to live comfortably in the home.

To get an idea of housing prices in your target area of interest, use a search engine online. The real estate market varies between locations, and this search tool allows you to compare on a city-by-city basis. Once you have an idea of the price, you can assess whether you will need to take out a home loan. An online affordability calculator can then help you determine an appropriate mortgage rate by factoring in elements such as price, down payment, and interest rate.

Renovate Your Existing Home

If buying a new property isn’t in your budget or you aren’t interested in moving, you can make some changes to your current space to make it more senior-friendly. Take the bathroom, for instance: Suggestions include raising the toilet seat, installing grab bars, and adding non-slip mats. Other ideas are adding brighter lights throughout the entire home and adding seating to the kitchen. It’s even possible to have a general contractor widen doorways to accommodate mobility devices like scooters. If you’re planning any renovations, make sure you work with the experienced and dependable team at Precision Plus Home Remodelers.

During this time, you can also address any needed repairs, such as problems with the HVAC, roofing issues, or damage to the gutters. And don’t neglect windows, as any cracks or damage can make the interior harder to heat or cool.

When considering renovations, keep your budget in mind. If the expenses are too much, you can consider offsetting them by opening your home to roommates. This also has an added social benefit if you currently live alone. You will have someone on-site in case of emergencies — and you will be able to enjoy their company on a daily basis. The “Golden Girls” trend is becoming more popular among seniors for this reason! Staying socially engaged further helps combat the feelings of isolation and depression that come with age.

Consider an Assisted Living Facility

If the options above don’t suit your needs, you may choose to move to an assisted living facility. Maybe you need more regular support with daily tasks like cleaning and cooking — or perhaps you got a great price on your property and want to go ahead and sell now. Whatever the case may be, an assisted living facility offers many advantages. Leisure Care lists benefits, such as enjoying more free time and having the perk of 24/7 professional care. This can also provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Share Your Decisions with Your Loved Ones

It’s critical to make these types of decisions for your future as early as possible, especially if you plan on living in a senior care facility or think you may need to someday. You should also inform your children and other loved ones about the choices you’ve made for yourself so they can help you see them through.

Unfortunately, there may come a time when your living situation needs to change quickly because of a health condition like Alzheimer’s or an event such as a fall. So you’ll need to talk with your family beforehand to make sure they know what your plans are.

When deciding on a senior home care option, there are a few factors to take into account. As you assess the above possibilities, consider how much help you need on a daily basis and consider your finances. Planning ahead will help you have stress-free golden years that aren’t hampered by financial concerns or feelings of loneliness. Luckily, these senior home care models offer something to suit every individual’s needs.

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